Making the lightweight INTUY Knee prosthesis more intelligent

I hope you all had a nice Christmas.
Our colleagues were working hard during the last couple of weeks to further improve the algorithms running on our Intuy Knee prosthesis. Right now we have made some small steps.

We are now able to actively provide support during sit-stand or vice verse. Amputees do not have to bear all the weight of his trunk using the sound leg. But legs can share the load now.

We also try stair climbing, it is a bit difficult for us to do it. Because by putting the knee joint way lower than our normal knee joint center, the resultant length of the thigh is way longer than that of the shank segment. totally out of proportion. But at least 4 of our colleagues managed to climb stairs with the Intuy Knee device, using alternative stepping.

Our colleagues at University of Twente, also tried automatic gait initiation and auto speed adaptation. They managed to walk on a treadmill very nicely.

That's the update from today. We will keep moving and keep you posted.

Reboocon Bionics has moved to a new office

Reboocon Bionics has moved to a new office. Rotterdamseweg 386 B1, 2629HG, Delft. More space, more ideas, and more opportunities. We are going to create our own in-house gait lab for testing powered prosthesis and wearable exoskeletons. If you are an experienced mechatronics engineer, control engineer, embedded software engineer or software developer, please contact us. If you are human movement scientist, or biomechanical engineer, especially with control/mechatronics background, you will be a perfect fit for our job. We are also looking for experienced RA&QA officer, especially in the field of orthopedic devices, feel free to contact us. our HR email: hr(AT)