New! EMO and Reboocon Bionic Joins Efforts to Bring Intuy Knee Prosthesis to the Spanish Market

Last week, Especialidades Medico Ortopedicas SL (EMO) and Reboocon Bionics B.V. (Reboocon) signed a distribution agreement. EMO is now the exclusive distributor of INTUY® Knee prosthesis in Spain. EMO and Reboocon will be providing this better alternative treatment prosthetic users in Spain.

In early 2022, Reboocon launched INTUY Knee in Europe after obtaining the CE certificate in 2021. Gradually, INTUY Knee is gaining momentum in more and more European countries. By now, the INTUY knee has been adopted in 18 countries worldwide including Australia and the USA.

INTUY knee is an intuitive, powerful, safe, and quiet motorized knee. This motorized knee technology has been proven to offer unparalleled advantages when it comes to ramp or stair ascending, standing up from a sitting position, and reducing stress on the back and other joints. The INTUY Knee is known for its natural and intuitive sensation, thanks to its sophisticated yet intelligent algorithms.

“EMO is passionate about orthotics and prosthetics. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology to our Spanish users. We are excited to achieve this mission and be at the forefront of innovation with our new partner Reboocon Bionics”, said Pedro Fernández, CEO of EMO.

From left to right Leopoldo Fernández, Pedro Fernández, Bogdan Olteanu and Shiqian Wang
From left to right Leopoldo Fernández, Pedro Fernández, Bogdan Olteanu and Shiqian Wang

“EMO has a strong market position and pays great attention to their customers and the end users. This partnership will allow us to expand our market presence in Spain swiftly and steadily. I am glad that more and more prosthetic users will directly benefit from INTUY”, said Shiqian Wang, founder and CEO of Reboocon.

About Especialidades Medico Ortopedicas SL:

EMO - orthopedic medical specialist ( has been an active member of the O&P industry since 1970. EMO's product range includes orthotics, footwear, mastectomy prostheses, technical aids, and prosthetics. Ever since its founding day, EMO’s main objective has consistently been focused on providing the best service for its customers. Adding INTUY® Knee prostheses to their catalogue enables them to provide the best care available for their customers.

About Reboocon Robotics B.V.:

Reboocon Bionics B.V. ( is a company in Delft, Netherlands that creates robotic prosthetic products. Their flagship product, INTUY® Knee, has been helping prosthetic knee users since 2020. Reboocon Bionic was founded in 2016 with the mission to create robotic technology accessible to individuals with mobility impairments. The company aims to recover capabilities, boost strength, and connect with society. Future products in the works are INTUY® Exoskeleton and Ankle.

20230918_ EMO & Reboocon Bionics announcement

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