Bogdan Olteanu – The New Sales Manager of Reboocon Bionics

Since February, Bogdan Olteanu has joined Reboocon Bionics as a sales manager. Bogdan has collected more than six years of experience in sales at UNYQ and Ottobock. He has specialised in introducing pioneering products to the market, such as 3D printing and scanning technology, Microprocessor Knees (MPK), etc. Now Bogdan joined the Reboocon Bionics team to introduce INTUY Knee to the European market. INTUY Knee is one of the few motorized external knee prostheses, which can provide active assistance and active swing to its user.

Bogdan, as an above-knee amputee himself, has been testing prosthetic feet and knees for eleven years now.

What motivated you to join the company?

Bogdan: "Everything started by testing the knee when it was still without the CE certification in 2020. The first trial was something hard to explain. I was very impressed by the functionalities and how different it was from any other knees that I have ever had."

Which functionalities of INTUY Knee impressed you most?

Bogdan: "Struggle-free standing up from a chair and climbing up the stairs without much effort. I remember, once I got used to the INTUY Knee, I walked more than 350 steps without stopping in the clinic centre."

During the first month at Reboocon Bionics, Bogdan has travelled to different European countries to train CPOs and patients. After seeing users' positive reactions, he explains, " It just makes sense. The amount of work that we are putting into the device is worth it. "


With his professional expertise and invaluable insight as a user, Bogdan, together with the team, will push the boundaries further!