Prosthetic Days at Lagarrigue Group with INTUY Knee

The Prosthetic Days is the annual gathering of prosthetists within the Lagarrigue group. During the event, prosthetists from the whole group from different countries come together, exchange ideas, and also witness new innovations from other companies like ours.

Shiqian Wang and Bogdan Olteanu brought our flagship product #Intuy Knee and drove to Toulouse, did a pitching presentation and 4 times of 45min workshop presentations to about 70 prosthetists. After that, all the prosthetists obtained a very good understanding of the product and the app. They know how to explain things when patients ask next time.

Our company support our customers with 100% effort and our colleagues can provide online/offline training in a different format. For more information about INTUY Knee and our company, please visit our website

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